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Husky – German Sheperd

Husky – German Sheperd

Hi, I’m Echo

(and I am a boy !! I know Echo is much more a girl name in English but where I live- In France – it’s a boy name!!)

I am a Husky / German Sheperd cross and I was born the 6th march 2009.

I live in France with my human familly, and my adopted dog brother Link.

I am a rescue doggie and I join my familly on september 2011.

I love sleeping, playing & talking

And taking loooong walks with my humans and doggies friends.

I am very active, every week I go to doggie school and I’ll start doing obedience soon. I use to go biking with my human Maïté – actually, she bikes and I run  – and, when it’s not too hot, we do some bikejoring. And we started dancing too !

I really enjoy making some new friends so, I would be thrilled if you sign my guest book or leave a comment on one of my post.

It’s time for me to introduce you to my bro, Link !!

This is Link !

He is a Husky cross too (with a cat, I bet, cause he LOVES radiators )

He was born in 2007.

I mean, the vet thinks he is born in 2007 because Link has been found on the street with no collar or identification chip so we don’t know anything about his birthday or his past… Poor thing was all alone and, as nobody was interressed by him, he was suppose to join the rainbow bridge… Luckily our humans take him under their wing!

Link is not a very talkative doggie as I am, he is rather shy and reserved.

On the other hand, he is a great guard-dog !

Link just ADORES cuddles, play with his ball and hiking.

Link arrived in our familly on january 2012.

When I was younger, my name was Ego.

When my humans adopted me, they didn’t like my name (at all) so they change it to Echo so I’ll not have to learn my new name. Honestly, I didn’t notice the difference, humans language is so complicated…

When Link arrived in our familly, he didn’t have a name and at the pound he was just dog n°5650 (not a great name either !)

Our humans named him after the video-game “Zelda: Twiligth Princess”, our human’s favorite (and only ^^) video game.

In this game, the hero turn into a dog at night.


Here’s the Link from the game !!

Don’t you think they should have called ME, Link ?