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Why Does My Dog Eat Gross Things?

If your dog likes to eat things that you don’t want them eating, then this blog post is for you. Dogs love to explore their environment and sometimes they find gross things that people would never think of as food. However, there are a few reasons why dogs might be eating disgusting objects and we will discuss those below!

It’s gross to think about, but dogs will eat just about anything. Kibble, feces, dirt and more can be found in their bellies if you look hard enough. This may seem like the dog is just being sneaky or looking for a cheap meal, but it might be something much simpler than that.

Dogs are naturally curious animals who love to explore the world around them. They also have an instinctual need to chew on things – which explains why they’ll often bring home sticks or rocks from outside!

Why Does My Dog Eat Gross Things? Pet Care and Safety Tips

There are many reasons for your dog to eat gross things, sometimes he or she may just be really hungry. Other times, eating something they should not be eating is because of boredom or separation anxiety. Perhaps the worst time for them to eat something bad for them is when you are not around. Doggie Blog

When it comes to your dog’s health and safety, you will want to know what kinds of items they may try to eat that could harm or even kill them. This includes having an understanding about what things are safe for dogs and why there are some things that are unsafe that seem like common sense, but other factors need more attention.

For example, grapes can’t hurt humans, but if a human eats too many grapes it can cause serious health problems. The same is true for dogs, only it can be even worse for them because grapes are one of the top foods that are poisonous to them.

Dogs are curious eaters, they want to know what everything tastes like, especially when something looks familiar or has a similar texture as their food, but there are some things that should never go into their mouths. This article gives you pet care and safety tips about the grossest things your dog may try to eat so you can avoid losing your dog or worrying about him or her getting sick.

The Top Gross Things Your Dog May Try To Eat

If you have not yet had this experience then count yourself lucky, because it means your dog has never tried to eat a gross thing. It is not among the things that you need to worry about, but an experience that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety throughout the house.

One time my husband forgot to pick up our dog’s stool from outside before he went inside for a few minutes, when he came back out there was a tiny pile of feces near the backdoor. We all know how disgusting this stuff is, so it does not take much imagination to consider how badly we wanted our dog’s mouth off of it in less than five seconds after she started eating it.

Picking up your dog’s feces quickly might seem common sense to most people who have dogs, but if you do not have any pets yourself then ask your friends and family what gross things their dogs have eaten, because you may be surprised by the answers.


Whether a dog discovers a pile of feces from another animal or your own dog’s stool, this is something that should not be eaten by any pet. If your dog gets into yours or someone else’s feces you can use a special soap to clean up the mess. If you cannot get rid of the smell then it would be best for everyone if you just got rid of that dog instead of constantly being worried about him or her digging through more stools to find some more to eat.

Dead Animals

This is another common one with disgusting consequences, both in reality and for your mental health. A dead animal is something that no pet should eat, but your dog may see it as a good meal if he or she can find one. If you are walking your dog through an area that has lots of rodents running around then either avoid those places or use a leash so you can control what goes into his or her mouth.


Sticks are bad for dogs because they have sharp edges and can cause choking, so you have to be careful about letting them play with sticks in the yard even if there are no other items around that could hurt them. We do not want our pets eating things that are bad for their health just because we let their curiosity get the best of them, which is why it is important to keep your dog’s area clean and free of possible dangers.


If you let your dog play in the dirt then he or she may stumble upon a rock that looks fun to eat, but those things are not good for them. Dogs can break teeth on them or swallow them whole which could cause problems further down the line because rocks often contain minerals and chemicals that should not be inside your pet’s stomach.

Animal Bones

Dogs eating animal bones is something that we see often in movies, especially if it is a dog with a tough owner who teaches him or her to fight other dogs or protect their property. This is another case where reality may be worse than what we see in TV and film, because bones can splinter and rip up your pet’s digestive system which can cause serious problems.

Cat Litter

If you own a cat then that is something else that your dog may eat if he or she gets the chance, but it is not healthy for them either. Just like with feces, you should take special precautions to make sure your pet does not get access to this because it could lead to health issues later on even if you do not notice any problems at first.

Foreign Objects

While some of these items are natural parts of their diet, many dogs also swallow things like paper, scented candles and trash when they sneak into places that people keep these things without realizing what has happened. This can be dangerous because there could be pieces in the trash that are sharp enough to cut your pet’s digestive system, which can cause serious problems.


Dogs eating chocolate is another one of those ideas that people would like to see only in the movies because it sounds so silly, but this is actually something that happens all of the time. Most types of chocolate contain caffeine and other stimulants which are poisonous to dogs, so you should be careful about leaving these items around.

Alcoholic Drinks

This may sound unlikely at first, but many dogs love the taste of alcoholic drinks just as much as humans do. Dog owners have had to take their pets to animal hospitals after they got into beer or wine without realizing how intoxicated they were getting on it. If you are going to give your pet any type of alcoholic drink then you should keep it well out of reach to prevent this.


Dogs eating cigarettes is another thing that people may not expect, but cigarettes are full of chemicals and can be choking hazards which are why they are important to keep away from pets who might mistake them for a treat at first. If you cannot stop your dog from eating these then it would be best to purchase some cigarette butt chew toys which are designed to help him or her with that addiction without causing health problems along the way.


Just like with other types of dirt, fertilizers often contain chemicals and other materials that can cause harm when ingested by dogs. If your pet is the type who digs in your flower bed then there is a good chance he or she may be eating these things without you realizing it, which can lead to health problems.

Animal Poop

Did you know that some dogs like to eat their own feces, but also the feces of other animals? This is not something that most owners want to hear, but many dogs do this because they are missing essential enzymes in their body that would help them digest the food in their stomachs better.

If you notice that your dog keeps eating poop when he or she goes outside then you should make sure to take him or her to the veterinarian for some tests. That way you can find out why this behavior is happening and fix it before it harms your pet’s health.


Moldy food is often found in the trash and it may be what your dog is eating if you do not throw away that old sandwich fast enough or forget to clean out your lunchbox before you put it into storage at work. If this is happening then there could be a lot of mold growing on those surfaces which can cause serious problems for dogs who ingest it, so make sure to keep these places as clean as possible at all times.

Rodent Poop

Dogs eating rodent poop is something else that most people hope they will never have to witness with their own eyes because it sounds disgusting, but many pets like to eat these things when they get the chance because rodents are part of their natural diet. This is why preventing the rodent population from getting too high around your home and yard can be very important because it protects both you and your pets from potential health problems.


If you notice that your pet likes to eat rocks then this is something that should be discussed with a veterinarian before it causes any serious damage to his or her internal organs, especially if he or she eats them often.

Pet Care and Safety Tips

There are some things that all dog owners should know about their pets and this includes why they eat gross things. You may have had a pet that ate some type of trash or other item before, so it is important to be aware of what your dog might pick up from the ground when you take him or her outside for a walk or let them out into your yard.

Fortunately there are many ways to prevent these potential problems from taking place by keeping the trash bins closed, using cigarette butt chew toys, and not leaving dirty dishes in areas where your pet can reach them. If you have a cat then you will need to keep certain plants out of reach of his or her claws because cats love to scratch on them and then lick the liquids off their bodies.

You can also keep your pet safe by not taking him or her out to locations where there may be toxins and other dangerous items laying on the ground because pets will do what comes naturally in order to survive, which is why you should always supervise them when they go outside so they don’t eat something that could hurt them.

Many dogs also like to engage in activities such as digging up your yard, digging through the trash bins, and chewing on the same materials that cats are fond of scratching until it is shredded apart into pieces before swallowing it whole.

Dogs have a natural instinct to dig up holes so they can have cool places to lay during summer days or search for food underground, but this behavior can lead to some serious problems if they start to dig up your garden in the process because it could damage your plants and trees.

It is also important to realize that when dogs eat items such as rocks, bones, or anything else they find in the trash bins then this behavior can be dangerous because it could lead to a blockage inside of their digestive tracts.

If you believe that your pet has eaten something poisonous or if he or she starts to vomit a lot for no apparent reason then you will need to take him or her to a veterinarian immediately so these issues can be properly diagnosed and treated before any serious problems arise. If you have small children at home then you should keep them away from any areas where there may be old food which has been dropped by your dog because kids love to put things in their mouth without knowing if they are safe or not.


If you know your dog is eating something they shouldn’t, don’t panic. There are many things that can cause dogs to eat gross things like poop or garbage and it’s not always an indication of a health problem. The most common reasons for this behavior include boredom, anxiety, stress, lack of exercise or too much food/treats.

Dogs will often eat feces because the smell reminds them of their mom (hence why puppies may do this more than adults). You should consult with a vet if you notice any concerning symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea but also explore some different ways to help alleviate the issue before going straight to treatment!